Golf book tee'd up for Christmas sale


A LIMITED edition new book is set to make a hole in one’s pocket this Christmas – selling at £3000 a time.

The distinctive Golf Links of Scotland book has been over four years in the making and is the creation of renowned golf photographer Iain Macfarlane Lowe and golf expert George Peper, with just 145 copies going on sale.

The £3,000 hand-made book is being hailed as the definitive tribute to the Old Course at St Andrews and to 18 other seaside links across Scotland including Turnberry, Muirfield and Carnoustie.

It is hoped to be the big hit this Christmas amongst dedicated golf fans and avid collectors throughout the country. 

Photographer Iain Macfarlane Lowe said: “Having spent over four years capturing the artistic shots of my beloved courses it’s great to see my dream of the ultimate golf book come to fruition.

“There is so much more to the Golf Links of Scotland than stunning photography with George’s insight and writing style, which are the ideal complement to my work.

“The result is a precious, bespoke book that is hand-made with exceptional love and care.

The book is presented in a hand-made clamshell case and its leather binding is embellished with 23-carat gold leaf inlay that includes four thistles on the cover corners.

Four double-gatefolds are also inserted to give the reader an even closer look at some of the renowned courses in the book which stretches to 300 pages across two sections.

Mr Lowe added: “With Golf Links of Scotland we set out to provide something special for golfers across the country and are certain they will be as thrilled as we are with this book, which is truly one of its kind.

“It’s the best read for the golfer or fan who has played or aspires to play the Old Course at St. Andrews, as well as our other key and iconic Scottish links. It’s also a covetable treasure for the avid collector or historian and we’re confident it will become a priceless collector’s item.”

As an additional personal touch, Iain Macfarlane Lowe has also signed and numbered an exclusive, unpublished photograph bound into each book.

REPORT: Amanda MacMillan