Airdrie Savings Bank hails Edinburgh roadshow a success


Airdrie Savings Bank claims it has secured “a wave” of new business interest after venturing out of its Lanarkshire stronghold for the first time.

It said both personal and business customers approached its first roadshow held in Edinburgh earlier this month in conjunction with the city’s Chamber of Commerce as part of its wider plans to expand.

The bank is said to be lining up the opening of its first new branch outwith its heartland in Lanarkshire, with Edinburgh a distinct possibility.

Jim Lindsay, general manager of Airdrie Savings Bank, said: “We were absolutely delighted with the great turnout at the event, giving us a chance to engage with a significant number of potential customers in the capital.

“Many people were keen to register their interest and find out more, while a significant number of others arrived keen to sign up there and then, which is fantastic.

“We are now thinking of having further customer recruitment events around the country, and are also considering the best location for our next branch.”

The first customers to sign up included retired couple Elizabeth and Neil Sutherland from Edinburgh, with former head-teacher Neil describing Airdrie Savings Bank as a “refreshing change” compared with other banks.

He said: “Airdrie Savings Bank particularly appealed to us because it is a Scottish bank which has traditional values, which makes me feel reassured that our money is in good hands.”

The event had a good turnout from the business community as Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce extended an invitation to all of its member businesses as well as reaching out to other city centre companies.

Graham Birse, managing director of the Chamber, said: “I have absolutely no doubt there is a market for Airdrie Savings Bank here in Edinburgh and the turnout at the roadshow is testament to this.

“I believe many ‘traditional’ banks almost fell out of fashion over recent years as people and businesses attempted to pursue fast profits, but there has been a u-turn and people are reverting back to banks built on traditional values.

“Airdrie Savings Bank is a perfect example of this, having stood the test of time in a difficult climate.”

The 175 year old institution  as Scotland’s last independent bank, has seven branches in Lanarkshire.

It was established in 1835 as part of the ‘thrift’ movement and even today allows accounts to be opened with a deposit of only 5p.