Coastguard officer digs himself into work


FORTH watch officer, Bob Bruce was joined by three colleagues in a determined bid to get to work for 7am on Sunday when they had to dig through snow drifts.

The Forth HMS Coastguard based on the Fife penisula at Fifeness, Crail, Anstruther is situated at the end of a private road the other side of Balcomie golf course.

Due to the deluge of wintery weather, the two officers turning up for duty at 7am were faced with snow drifts 12 inches deep which stood between them and the office yesterday morning.

Mr Bruce braved the harsh winter weather to clear a route to work and ensure the Coastguard continued normal opperations.

Mr Bruce, 57, has worked at the HMS Coastguard in Fife for the past 11 years but has never previously had to battle with such fierce weather conditions.

He said: “Even with the bad snow last year, I didn’t have to dig my way in.  It’s the gale force winds this year that are causing the drifts and that’s why we had to dig through 12 inches of snow this morning.”

The task was tackled by the two officers coming on duty and the two coming off.  Mr Bruce explained: “The two who were coming off duty had dug almost half of the route, so we started from the far end to clear the full 200 yards and were delayed in starting work by 30 minutes.”