Crazy skiers tackle one of Edinburgh’s tallest hills



PARK bosses have warned against skiing in one of Scotland’s most famous Royal Parks after a mad-cap group appeared on YouTube after launching themselves down an 823 foot landmark.

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh has turned into a skier’s paradise as the hill is completely covered in snow, proving impossible to resist for the skiers.

Three snow sports fans took advantage of the heavy snowfall on Wednesday and raced down the steep slope.

But staff at Holyrood Park have warned that this is extremely dangerous.

A spokesperson for Historic Scotland said: “Although we understand that people want to get out and enjoy the snow, it is important that this is done safely.

“Even for experienced skiers who know the terrain of the park, fresh snow can bring a new dynamic and cover hidden dangers.

“The weather can also change very quickly and bring poor visibility at higher levels.

“We would urge anyone who plans to ski in the park to stick to the lower areas, that they are respectful of other park users and keep clear of the roads, and take personal responsibility for their actions.”

The stunt was caught on camera by James MacDougall, 27, from Edinburgh who saw them while walking and posted the video on YouTube

The bar-worker said: “I saw one guy going down and managed to get him on video.

“I thought it was a bit mad because it was such a steep incline. I was quite impressed because you don’t know where bushes and things are.”

Mr MacDougall said that it was difficult to walk up Arthur’s seat never mind ski down it.

He added: “I did get caught halfway up and it was quite bad weather.”

The video has already received over 300 views despite only being posted yesterday.

Mr MacDougall added: “It’s quite a good number of views for my first video.

“It would be good if they (the skiers) got in touch. It would be nice to give them some credit.”

It is thought that the mystery skiers may be from Telford College as there is a similar video on their Facebook site.

One comment on YouTube from ‘bennybedlam’ said: “keep on looking? at this!! i used to live in edinburgh and go running on arthurs seat three times a week. i’ve also been a skier since the age of 4 so know how steep and gnarly this slope is!! serious respect!!

While akrosa3000 said: “Getting back up without a chairlift must suck?.”