Student march to Scottish Parliament in protest against tuition fees


HUNDREDS of angry students launched an attack on the Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg today as they protested in Edinburgh against the rise in tuition fees in England and education cuts.

Chanting to “no ifs, no buts, no education cuts” and “Nick Clegg shame on you, shame on you for turning blue” the students marched from Bristo Square outside Edinburgh University’s Student Union building to the Scottish Parliament building.

The march was a last ditch attempt to persuade MP’s not to vote in favour of a rise in tuition fees down south.

If plans are to go ahead, English universities could be allowed to charge up to £9,000 in fees which will almost treble the current cap.

And protesters said that the rise would also have a detrimental effect on education in Scotland.

When they reached the Parliament building the gang of protesters pinned pledges to the walls never to vote Liberal Democrat again if the MPs vote in favour of the rise.