Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Wrap up so party night stays on track

BRITISH Transport Police chiefs are stepping up patrols as the Christmas festivities get into full swing this weekend.

But they are warning those tempted to switch into skimpy party frocks or ditch their jackets to beware plummeting temperatures.

Forecasters are warning of mercury plunging to as low as minus 10 or below in the central belt on Saturday night.

And Inspector Sue Maxwell said: “It would be remiss not to remind people that the cold weather brings its own challenges.

“You should ensure you are prepared for the conditions and dress appropriately.”

Their main concern will be those wandering without jackets or in shoes not fit for the icy conditions and being left to hang around stations.

They said would be stepping up their patrols across the Scottish network to try and keep party goers safe.

But they urged revellers to plan ahead in terms of travelling to make sure they have a note of the best routes and times for journeys.

They are also warning they will not tolerate abuse of rail staff or officers.

Inspector Maxwell said: “We want everyone to have an enjoyable time over Christmas and will be working with all our partners to make sure everyone can get to their office party or other event, and home again safely and equally as importantly, without hindrance from others.”

“Traditionally we see a greater influx of people coming to the city centre at this time of year. Please enjoy yourself, but it is important that you remember to behave appropriately.

“There are many people who may not use the rail network as a mode of transport other than at this time of the year.

“So make sure you have your travel arrangements in place and particularly know the time of your last train home.

“Also, look out for your friends and colleagues during the evening.”

And she warned: “There are also those who may over indulge and drink a bit too much. We don’t want to spoil your fun.

“But please be responsible and remember that rail staff are there to help you, not to be abused in any way.”

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