Wednesday, June 29, 2022
UncategorizedNew talent at Celtic Connections championed by Liz Clark

New talent at Celtic Connections championed by Liz Clark

Celtic Connections 2011 presents, Bob Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Fran Healy, The Waterboys and many other musical  legends but the festival also invites performances from musicians at the start of their career and Liz Clark supports them every step of the way.

Year in year out new musical talent is showcased to an outstanding level on the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections for audiences to enjoy free of charge

The event offers performers a “puddy up” in the musical world.  Six of the 75 perfomers due to appear in 2011 will be selected as finalists and will be awarded a gig as a supporting act at next year’s festival.

Liz Clark has presented and produced the Danny Kyle Open Stage, named after her, late, close friend who spent a lifetime promoting the talents of young performers.

In an interview with Deadline’s Clare Carswell, Liz talks about her passion for music and why she continues to pour her enthusiasm into the Danny Kyle Open Stage.

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