Restaurant polishes its 3D glasses ready for visual treat


DINERS at a top Scottish restaurant will be treated to a visual feast of 3D images that are linked to what they eat.

The Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow, will project 3D images of a leaping salmon as customers tuck into their fish course.

A flock of woodpigeons and a cow called Suzie are also among the lifelike images on offer.

The £50-a-head dining experience will be offered in March at the west end eaterie.

Guests arriving for their four-course meal will receive 3D glasses along with menus.

The visual trickery will convince them as they walk to their table that they are walking across a pond, complete with ripples of water and crustaceans.

When the fish course is served, wild salmon will appear to leap from the water.

Suzie, a real life Highland cow who lives on a farm in Glasgow, has been created in 3D and

will apparently roam the restaurant during the meat course.

Woodpigeons will fill the air above the diners’ heads when the game course is served up.

The visual trickery, achieved using carefully-placed projectors, will seem even more real with the addition of sound effects.

Owner Colin Clydesdale said they had come up with the 3D dinner to celebrate the restaurant’s 40th anniversary.

He said: “This will explore the relationship between 3D art and food for the first time.”