Man bites ex-girlfriend’s nose in vicious attack


A MAN attacked his former partner and threw her to the ground before biting her on the nose and pressing on her throat until she lost consciousness.

Dominic Norrie, 29, grabbed Nicola Hastings as she walked along Niddrie Mains Road in Edinburgh on 29 October last year.

He covered her nose and mouth with his hand and straddled her as she struggled with him on the ground.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court today (Tue), Norrie pled guilty to the assault.

Fiscal depute Melanie Ward said: “It was about 11.15pm and the complainer was walking along the street towards the Jack Kane Centre.

“The accused approached her – this was someone known to her – and seized hold of her and covered her nose and mouth as she tried to scream for help.

“She was then thrown to the ground and was struggling to get away.

“The accused straddled her and bit her on the nose.

“He put his hand on her throat and pressed down and she lost consciousness.

“The commotion attracted the attention of a dog walker – and the dog itself was barking.

“The dog walker immediately contacted the police who came immediately, where they found the accused on top of her.

“Ms Hastings ran off to a friend’s house, but the friend persuaded her to go back to where the police were.

“She had swelling to the nose and abrasions and a puncture to the nose, as well as bruising his hand had been on her throat.

“The accused was immediately arrested but refused to leave his cell to be interviewed.”

Duncan Hughes, Norrie’s defence solicitor, said: “The pair are no longer in a relationship.

“There is quite a long and complicated background and it has been an ongoing situation.”

Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie deferred sentence until 15 February to obtain background, social inquiry and community service reports.