Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Security guards brought in to deal with cinema neds

REAL-life Scottish neds have caused chaos in cinemas during screenings of the hit film Neds – leading to calls for security guards to be drafted in.

Film goers complained after rival thugs caused mayhem during the film, which was directed by Peter Mullan.

They revealed that the film has had to be halted because of numerous disruptions, including foul-mouthed rants, throwing popcorn around and gang members spraying super-strength lager and wine on each other.

At Glasgow’s flagship cinema, Cineworld, bosses have brought in guards to patrol the screenings.

Staff at the Renfield Street centre said they were “sick to the back teeth” of the film and could not wait for its run to end, after hordes of thugs had flocked to the cinema to watch the gritty movie.

One staff member said: “It’s been a nightmare – it seems that all the neds in Scotland want to see the film.

“We’ve got rival gangs pitching up looking for trouble with each other.

“One of the first screenings of Neds had to be halted halfway through.”

Michael Ferguson, 42, from Dennistoun, said he fled from a Saturday screening of Neds when it became chaotic.

He said: “There were groups of neds swearing at each other.

“They threw popcorn and sprayed beer and wine.

“They just wanted to cause trouble.

“The neds ignored staff and spoke on mobiles during the film.

“We ended up walking out.”

The award-winning film tells the story of John McGill, a teenage student who ends up in a violent knife gang in Glasgow in the 1970s.

A Cineworld spokeswoman said: “Security has been places in screens to stop disruption.”

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