Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Fur activists strip down in steamy bed scene

It was a brief encounter. In a part of Edinburgh normally reserved for the nation’s legal establishment, fur activists stripped down and staged a steamy bed scene to show that fur is out and love is in.

Wearing only heart-shaped signs reading “Fur – Out! Love – In!” to preserve their modesty, models Josie Smith, Lynsey Taylor, Brian Kearney and Jonathan Horn were encouraging locals and tourists to have a heart by shunning fur.

The lads and lasses from Superior Model Management braved the cold to bring some passion to Edinburgh’s Parliament Square and posed on a double bed awash with red roses.

Mandy Carter, special projects coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said: “We’re just here as a bit of a fun protest to get across a serious message. Animals are killed in horrific ways for a cruel industry, the fur trade.

“Many people will be horrified to know that cats and dogs have been skinned alive in China which is where most fur comes from so we just want to give a message to people not to wear fur.

“It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, compassion is sexy so it’s a fun message.

“I think the models were cold but they’re doing it for such a good cause.”

Josie Smith, from PETA, added: “We’re bringing our big hearts and bare skin to beautiful Edinburgh with the message that animals are not ours to wear.”
“With all the stylish and sexy fashions that are available these days, there’s absolutely no excuse for wearing fur.”

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