Friday, July 1, 2022
EntertainmentSusan Boyle is to hook-up with 'the ugliest man in Glasgow'

Susan Boyle is to hook-up with ‘the ugliest man in Glasgow’

SUSAN Boyle has landed herself a role on The Simpsons – as fellow Scot Groundskeeper Willie’s new girlfriend.

Show bosses were on the look-out for a love interest for the fiery-haired janitor from Glasgow, and the West Lothian singing sensation came out top.

Details of the episode are yet to be finalised, but it could see 49-year-old Boyle receiving her long-awaited first kiss.

A show insider said: “The idea of Willie and Susan getting together is hilarious.

“Both are Scots and both appear to be in need of company.

“It is a romance made in cartoon heaven.”

Willie is set to use “grease me up, woman” as his chat-up line when approaching the songstress.

She could be just what the unlucky-in-love Scotsman needs, after he once revealed: “Shary Bobbins and I were engaged to be wed back in the old country.

“Then she got her eyesight back.

“Suddenly the ugliest man in Glasgow wasn’t good enough for her.”

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