Excited Subo “can’t wait” to be 50


AN EXCITED Susan Boyle said today she “can’t wait” for her 50th birthday bash next month.

Uh oh 5 - 0: Singer can't wait for the big day

The Scots singer hits the big 5-0 on April 1 and the birthday milestone has unleashed a frenzy of speculation over her party plans

And gifts from fans are already starting to come in.

When asked how she felt about reaching her half-century, Susan replied: “What can you do? It’s coming! I can’t do anything about it!”

But she quickly added: “It’s going to be brilliant, I can’t wait!”

Susan, speaking outside her home in Blackburn, West Lothian, said she would not reveal how she would be celebrating her big day.

She teased: “You’ll have to watch this space. I can’t be giving the details out willy-nilly.”

The singer is reportedly throwing a star-studded bash – believed to be her first ever birthday party – at a grand country mansion near her home.

And Susan’s adoring fans were already lining up to hand over their own personalised presents.

On her official fan site, a member known only as “Randma” had announced her plan to make a 500-patch queen-size quilt, with the names and locations of Susan’s fans sewn on.

Gerry Boyle, Susan’s older brother, said he and the rest of the family were planning something for their sister, but to say what “would be spoiling the surprise”.

And manager Andy Stephens said he knew the singer was planning something, but remained tight-lipped about the details.

He said: “I know what she’s doing yes, but I won’t be giving anything away.”

Neighbours were left to speculate over what Susan had up her sleeve, with one even suggesting that music mogul Simon Cowell could visit her with a gift.

Piers Morgan, Peter Kay and Elaine Page were also rumoured to be attending the party.

Susan teamed up with Kay when she recorded her Comic Relief single, I Know Him So Well.

Cowell and Morgan would have to go to great lengths to travel from the US to West Lothian to make it to the soiree, but Susan has invited plenty of Blackburn locals to bump the numbers up just in case.

West Lothian venues were baffled as to what Ms Boyle could be doing for her 50th, and claimed they had not heard of her booking anywhere in Blackburn for a function.

A bar maid at the Happy Valley pub, where Susan used to perform before she shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, said: “I didn’t actually know her birthday was coming up.

“I’ve not heard of anything special happening, but I’m sure everyone in the town would be pleased to wish her a Happy Birthday.”

Last year the singer celebrated her 49th birthday in Tokyo, Japan, surrounded by fans the day before she performed to 10,000 people at the Budokan concert venue the following day.

She was handed a whopping £4 million cheque from Cowell, an advance for her debut album I Dreamed A Dream, which sold more than 3 million copies during its first four weeks on sale.

A group of fans were selected to present the star with flowers and a huge chocolate and strawberry cake.

But the singer won’t be allowed a slice of her own cake this year – as she revealed earlier this month that she would be giving up sweets and chocolate for Lent, which finishes on Friday 15 April this year.

Susan’s third album is due to be released later this year.