Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Funeral home objecting to plans for nursery next door because of ‘noisy children’

By Kevin Duguid

A FUNERAL home is battling plans to set up a nusery next door because the noise of kids playing will upset grieving relatives.

The funeral directors have formally objected to plans to convert run-down buildings in Dunfermline, Fife, in to a nursery for 40 children.

Callum Robertson Funeral Directors claimed the sight and sound of youngsters at play would upset mourning friends and family of the dead.

Owner Callum Robertson wrote: “Being a funeral home we have concerns about the noise created by 40 children at play in the back area in close proximity to our viewing room where people come to pay their respects.”

Mr Robertson said they had been “delighted” to hear the area could be developed, but said: “The applicants seem to have no regard for the operation of our business.”

Apart from noise, he said, they were worried about the area becoming a “bottleneck” and added concerns about hearses and transfer vehicles being able to gain access to the rear of their premises “in a safe manner”.

Michael and Anne McInally, from Dunfermline, asked for permission to create a nursery, saying the two properties currently gave “an appearance of decline and decay”.

Councillors agreed with them and gave approval, although Callum Robertson could appeal.

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