Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Student trapped by falling kitchen cabinet

By Julie Diamond

EIGHT firefighters and an axe were needed to rescue a student who was trapped by a falling kitchen cabinet.

Kirsty Ireland was washing up in her Edinburgh flat when the unit fell off the wall, pinning her by the legs.

The falling cabinet also managed to jam the door to the tiny kitchen just seconds after flatmates Jill Davidson and Sophie Watson, both 19, made their escape.

A seven-strong fire and rescue crew took 25 minutes to hack their way through the door to rescue the international relations student.

Kirsty suffered damaged ligaments in her wrist and was taken to hospital for treatment.

She said: “The entire cabinet came away from the wall on top of me. I was trying to stop the crockery and glasses falling on to my face.”

She added: “I became trapped against the wall, with the entire kitchen unit on my thighs.”

A fire brigade spokeswoman confirmed that a crew had to force their way into the kitchen.

“Seven crew and one officer used tools to break up the debris and extract the girl,” she said.

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