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Red Facebook: Social media site says Broxburn is in Fife

SOCIAL networking giant Facebook has upset hundreds of residents living in a Scottish town with a slip-up which lists their location on the wrong side of the Forth Road Bridge.

When users from Broxburn, West Lothian, choose their location to display on their profiles, it lists them as living in ‘Broxburn, Fife’.

Almost 500 people have joined a Facebook cause page called ‘Broxburn is in West Lothian not Fife’, where they are calling on the site to reclassify the town.

One user, Irene Baillie, has posted a note she sent to the Facebook team, which said: “Can you arrange for someone to amend this please so that myself and all my fellow friends from Broxburn, West Lothian are able to select their correct home town?”

Another user reports that she has filled in a ‘Regional Request’ but has had no reply.

Many members of the group are also using the page to rant about the Broxburn blunder.

Steven McCullagh posted: “When will Facebook sort it! West Lothian!”

Tricia Leggett said: “It annoys me that they make a mistake on a place teeming with history!

“We are in WEST LOTHIAN not Fife, Fife is on the other side of the Forth Road Bridge!

“Facebook get a grip and get this changed PLEASE! It is rather insulting to be honest.”

The posts have been appearing on the online protest since the middle of December last year, but the location mistake has yet to be fixed.

Councillor Ellen Glass, who represents Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh, said: “Broxburn is very unique and people here are very proud of where they live because of the town’s mining and oil history.

“It is a lovely place to live, which I’m sure is no doubt similar to Fife.

“I can see why these people are upset to be having part of their identity being taken away from them.

“I hope it gets fixed soon.”

Facebook were not available to comment.

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