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Strictly stars take Tango to Scotland

STRICTLY Come Dancing Stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace have said that their new stage show is the “ultimate” for them.

The pair have dazzled TV audiences for six series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

But now they are taking their live show Midnight Tango to Scotland and are hoping that audiences will be impressed.

Some theatres have already billed it as the fastest selling show of 2011 and extra dates have been added.

Despite loving being a part of Strictly the dancing duo say that the stage show is what they have always wanted to do.

Flavia said: “This is really what we do because we get a chance together for two hours every night.

“This is the ultimate for us.

“It’s something we’ve been looking to do for the last couple of years.

“We’ve been on tour for five weeks and we’re very much looking forward to coming here.”

The show is set in a bar in Bueons Aires and joining Flavia and Vincent on stage are ten tango dancers from across the world.

Vincent said: “We love the show and obviously tango is a passion for us it’s what we live for really so for us to be dancing almost every night and every day and get paid for it more than anything it’s amazing.

“We just love every minute of it and we hope the people who come and see it will enjoy it as well which I’m sure they will because I’m involved.”

The show is choreographed by the pair and directed by Karen Bruce who has choreographed for both Strictly Come Dancing and So You Think You Can Dance.

And live music is provided by band Tango Siempre.

Vincent added: “There are no celebrities involved apart from me really.”

“We hope to be on Strictly Come Dancing again. Obviously we love the show and the show loves us.”

The show will be at the Edinburgh Playhouse on 28 June until 2 July and at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre on 26 July until 30 July.

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