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Jedward’s car runs over school girl

By Niamh Anderson

Mother Diane Anderson, 30, with daughter Lara Anderson, 7

IRISH pop duo Jedward’s visit to a Scots primary school got off to a bumpy start after their car ran over a school girl’s leg.

Seven-year-old Lara Anderson from East Lothian was hit with the twins’ car as they pulled into Windygoul Primary in Tranent.

The school had won a competition for collecting the most mobile phones for recycling and earned a visit from the Irish pair.

But Lara, from nearby Elphinstone Primary, didn’t want to miss out meeting her heroes and sat kerbside with a book poised for the famous twins to sign.

The youngster was left with a gash on her leg but refused to go to hospital until she met her idols.

Lara’s mother Diane Anderson, 30,said:

“Lara was waiting for the twins to arrive all morning and when they pulled into the gates, the driver stopped on her leg.

Lara’s injuries

“I was screaming at the driver to edge forward but he mustn’t have heard me.

“He pulled away a few seconds later but I don’t think he realised what had happened because of all the screaming from the fans.

“We want to bring her to the hospital to have her leg checked but she’s not budging until she meets them.

“Her dad’s here now, he cycled down from work as soon as he heard what had happened.

“She won’t move and wants to wait until they come out. She thinks for some reason they’ll bring her to Pizza Hut once they find out what happened.

“I went home to get her ice, but she’s alright. I think she’s a bit in shock. “

She added:

“She has their book and would love if they could sign it and get a picture with her. “

The Irish Twins attended the East Lothian primary school to promote the

“Give every child a voice’ campaign launched by Promethean and Childline.

Jedward were judging the school’s talent competition

Participating schools all over Scotland were asked to take part in the campaign where for every 250 phones that were collected, 500 was donated to Childline.

The East Lothian school managed to collect 261 and won the chance to have a visit from the GECAV ambassadors Jedward.

The pop stars held an interactive classroom session with the pupil council and then went on to judge the schools talent competition.

John said about the competition:

“This is just like the X Factor, but it’s not as scary. Don’t be scared everyone, just do your best. “

The contest was set up last year in memory and celebration of a former pupil at the school, Charlie Pearson, who passed away 2 years ago from leukaemia.

Edward added:

“We love that we can take part with the kids on this campaign, we’re kinda on the same level as the kids so we can relate to them.

“Childline is such a cool charity, it really gets kids to talk which is just so great.

“We love Scotland, we’re wearing blue and white jackets on purpose today, we just love the colours. We’re only staying for a day but don’t worry we’ll be back in Scotland in August.

“We’re going on tour in the next few months, first up is Germany and then the whole of Europe, Asia and America. We’re gonna take over the world.”

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