Thursday, August 11, 2022
BusinessLawyer invents zip-up tie

Lawyer invents zip-up tie

A SCOTS lawyer has invented the world’s first zip-up tie.

Chris Gibson, 29, from Edinburgh, invented the SuperTie which works using a small zipper mechanism on the back that means the knot is always tied.

The tie costs around 25 and is available in 54 different designs.

And upmarket department store Selfridges has already been stocking the time-saving invention in the run up to Father’s Day.

Gibson said:

“I saw SuperTie as an answer to a problem encountered by professionals.

“While working as a lawyer, casual policy operates on the office floor but when meeting clients a necktie is essential.

“But, all too often, the rush and pace of office life makes it the last thing on your mind and a stress when fighting to get it right after three attempts and then making do.

“The idea was something that combines speed and no hassle, with a guaranteed perfect finish. “

It has taken more than three years to get the SuperTie to market but it now has a celebrity following with Clarke Peters, who played Lester Freamon in US TV series The Wire, a big fan.

And Gibson has even named one of his designs

“the Freamon’ in his honour.

Peters said:

“I have a hell of a collection of ties. I had no idea there were 87 ways to tie a necktie. Now there are 88.

“My son, who is forever fighting with ties, would find this very useful. For a quick change this is ideal. “

Mary McGowne, founder of the Scottish Style Awards, said she thought the tie would prove popular.

She added:

“I could see a mainstream high-street retailer such as Marks & Spencer running with this.

“There’s really very little difference in a consumer who will buy, for example, a machine-washable suit from Marks & Spencers and a product such as this tie.

“These types of products are aimed at the mass market, for consumers who look for value for money and a relatively safe, no fuss wardrobe. “

But Derek Dougan, a partner at gentleman’s outfitters Mr James in Edinburgh, said:

“The art of dressing is gradually disappearing I think my customers might find this a bit too gimmicky.

“It’s a great idea for time-saving and the prices are very good but I don’t know about the quality of the actual tie.

“I can’t see it replacing the tie as we know it. “

Gibson added:

“I think it will be like Marmite. Some people will love it, and some people will hate it. For guys wearing ties everyday it fits perfectly. “

He is now working on a zip-up bow tie.

The SuperTie is available from


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