Saturday, August 20, 2022
In BriefJam Bon Jovi

Jam Bon Jovi

A GROUP of primary school pupils have made jars of jam in honour of rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

The pupils from Roseburn Primary in Edinburgh aptly-named the sticky preserve Jam Bon Jovi.

And they hope that the singer will pop in to try some while he is in Edinburgh for his Murrayfield gig.

More than 40 children in primary one to three made the apple and strawberry jam from scratch in the school kitchen.

The have sold the majority of the 90 jars, each priced 1.50, to parents at the school but they have kept a few jars back for the man himself and hope to take them along to Murrayfield to give to the star.

Active schoold co-ordinator Lewis Patience, 29, said:

“I’m sure Jon Bon Jovi has got a sweet tooth so I’m sure he’d love the jam. We will definitely try to get some along to him. “

Bon Jovi are playing at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield tonight as part of their sell-out world tour.

Edinburgh is the rockers’ only Scottish gig and they are set to wow fans with classics such as

“Living on a Prayer’ and

“It’s My Life.”

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