Tuesday, August 9, 2022
In BriefKids’ boozey beach party ends in police raid

Kids’ boozey beach party ends in police raid

Police seized 30 litres from the underage revellers

By Claire Cameron

POLICE seized 30 litres of alcohol from schoolchildren – some as young as 13 – celebrating the end of term on a Scottish beach.

The party turned to mayhem as youngsters got drunk on a Blue Flag beach in Fife.

Around 300 teenagers descended on Aberdour’s Silber Sands beach last Saturday to celebrate the end of the school year.

Some of the youngsters then raced cars around a nearby field, running off as the police arrived.

John Burrell, secretary of the community council, said only the alertness of police and their fast response prevented

“far worse mayhem.”‘?’There were in excess of 300 youngsters there – that was what the police said – but some estimate it was more.’Councillor Alice McGarry said it was

“depressing’ to learn that young teens were involved in the disturbances.She said:

“It gets a bit wild at the end of term and it was a general mess. “

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