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Pinched pooches mysteriously returned

By Kirsty Topping


The five stolen puppies were returned 14 hours after they were taken

A BAFFLED dog owner has told how his puppies were stolen – only to be mysteriously returned to him 14 hours later.

Colin Blacklabel, 24, says he was devastated when the seven week old animals were taken on Monday morning.

But he was puzzled when the thieves returned them unharmed the same evening.

The Husky cross puppies had been with their mother Tanya in an enclosure in the garden of Colin’s Edinburgh home.

It’s believed the thieves crept into the garden at around 4am and took five of the six puppies.

Colin said:

“I was petrified when I saw they were gone.

“I was really worried. One of the most horrible feelings for me was the uncertainty of what would become of them.

“The first thing I did was scan around the vicinity of the garden.

“One of the puppies was still in the enclosure – they only took five. I suspect the puppy was tucked away under the bedding and they just didn’t see it.

“The mother never has a collar on so it’s unlikely that they were going to try and manhandle a really big dog. “

Colin reported the theft to the police and asked friends and family to look out for Husky cross puppies being offered for sale.

However at around 6pm he heard a car approach his house and found his lost dogs running down the garden towards him.

He said:

“They miraculously appeared.

“We heard a car arriving on our track that leads to the house, we went outside and then they all came running up to us.

“We didn’t see the car. “

Colin thinks the dogs may have been deliberately targeted.

“We think maybe the people have stolen them to order and then they weren’t wanted, or they panicked,’ he said.

“For whatever reason, they have returned. I was amazed and absolutely gobsmacked. I was so happy it was a huge relief. “

He added thatr the puppies were none the worse for their ordeal.

He said:

“They all seemed a bit shocked and overwhelmed and really, really happy to be back. “

The dogs are now sleeping in the house before going to new homes at a later date.

A police spokesman said:

“Lothian and Borders Police are investigating after five Husky cross breed puppies were stolen on Monday, August .

“The animals were returned to the address later that dayand enquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding this theft.

“Anyone with information that can assist with this investigation is asked to come forward to the police. “


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