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Tobin victim’s father sends birthday message to killer

By Kevin Duguid


Tobin will have few well-wishers as he turns 65 in prison

SERIAL killer Peter Tobin was sent a stark 65th birthday message by the father of one of his victims today (Sat).

Ian McNicol told Scotland’s most evil pensioner that he would not get a present today but would get “a bucket of s*** if he died”.

Prison chiefs have made it clear Tobin will not receive any 65th birthday treats at Saughton Jail, Edinburgh, where he is serving life for murdering three young women.

A cake, lie-in or any other privileges have been ruled out by prison bosses.

Ian, 72, from Essex, whose daughter Dinah was just 18 when she was murdered by Tobin, said: : “I’d send Tobin a bucket of s*** if he died, but nothing for his birthday. As far as I’m concerned he is dead.”

Michael Hamilton’s daughter, Vicky, was 15 when she became Tobin’s first known victim. Michael, 60, from Redding, near Falkirk, added: “I don’t think he should get anything. If he drops dead before me that will be a day I’ll never forget. Stick him on a big burning fire.”

Michael, who has suffered a heart attack and stroke in recent years, sent Tobin letters last year in which he asked the monster why he killed the young women. But he fears the tactic failed. “I think he was enjoying getting those letters,” he said.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service confirmed that Tobin would not receive any special treatment. He said: “I can confirm prisoners do not receive a cake, or privileges such as a long-lie to celebrate their birthday whilst in prison.”

He added: “Prisoners also do not receive benefits whilst in custody, therefore those turning 65 will not receive their state pension.”

Peter Britton Tobin was born in on August 27, 1946 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, the youngest of seven children.

Before his first murder conviction, Tobin served ten years in prison for a double rape committed in 1993, and was released in 2004.

In 2006 after Tobin raped and murdered 23-year-old Polish student Angelika Kluk in Glasgow.

Following the murder, a dedicated police operation was set up to examine the activities of Tobin.

Ian McNicol says Tobin will receive a “a bucket of s*** if he died”

Operation Anagram, which was wound down in June this year, linked Tobin to the previously unsolved murders of Dinah and Vicky.

Police said that while the operation was being scaled back it would never end.

Det Sup David Swindle, who formed the operation, said anyone with information regarding Peter Tobin would still be able to contact the Anagram incident room via e-mail which would be monitored daily.

Tobin has been labelled a psychopath by a senior psychologist, and by professor of criminology David Wilson, who also wrote a book on the killer connecting him with the Bible John murders of the late sixties.

It is understood that Tobin spends his days lazing in his cell in a wheelchair while other Saughton prisoners go off to work.

Insiders claim Tobin whiles away the time playing poker with his friends, rapists Kevin “The Thing” Fyffe and psychopath Michal Marchlewski.



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