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NewsBike star Danny MacAskill's new video races to third place in YouTube...

Bike star Danny MacAskill’s new video races to third place in YouTube charts

Macaskill's high-wire act


By Neil Pooran

Edinburgh stunt cycling superstar Danny MacAskill’s latest YouTube film has stormed ahead to become the third most popular viral video advert of August.

The 25-year-old’s video, Industrial Revolutions, shows him performing BMX stunts in a disused Scottish train yard.

Released on August 15, it is approaching 2.4 million views and has been ‘liked’ more than 28,000 times.

The film came third in social networking site Mashable’s Global Ads Chart, which compiled a list of the 20 most shared videos in August.

It was only beaten in popularity by adverts for Nissan and DC Shoes.

It roared ahead of Justin Bieber videos and video game adverts.

Mashable’s Tom Wasserman said MacAskill and Ken Block, a stunt rally driver who also did well in the chart, as being the Will Smith and Tom Cruise of the viral video world.

The film includes an amazing high-wire act where MacAskill walks along a steel cable before riding down it on his bike.

He also performed new versions of his trademark gravity-defying trick of riding up walls and other flat surfaces.

With only the help of a small ramp he managed to fly several feet up a brick wall.

He can also be seen leaping off rooftops and hopping over precipitous gaps.

The Dunvegan-born cyclist shot to fame in 2009 when a video of him cycling around Edinburgh attracted millions of viewers.

He has since released more videos with even more impressive cycling skills on display, and attracted corporate sponsorship.

His fame has found him work as a Hollywood stunt man and he appeared in a Volkswagen Golf advert.

Last year a video showed him returning to his hometown on the Isle of Sky and showing off his tricks.

The video, Way Back Home, is still highly popular.

He has given up his job as a mechanic to ride full time.

MacAskill has recently announced he is launching his own brand of shoes tailored towards stunt cyclists.

Due to go on sale next spring, he helped to design them after finding regular shoes often wore away quickly on pedals.

Produced with shoe manufacturer Five Ten, the ‘Five Ten Danny MacAskill Signature model’ shoes were unveiled this week at the Eurobike show in Germany.

The Industrial Revolutions film was made for the Channel 4 documentary Concrete Circus.

Danny MacAskill speeds up a brick wall in his new video Industrial Revolutions



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