Friday, August 19, 2022
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Gas pipe thieves condemned by police

Thieves had ripped out gas pipes, putting lives at risk

POLICE have condemned thieves who stole copper piping from a gas meter.

Scottish Gas had been contacted after a member of the public reported a smell of gas on Main Street, Bainsford around 4pm on Thursday, September 15.

Horrified engineers then contacted police after discovering that the gas meter and pipe had been removed from a nearby property. The gas meter had been left at the side of the building but the copper piping connecting it had been taken.

Constable Gerry Delaney who is leading the enquiry into the theft, said; “This is a reckless act which could, so easily, have caused considerable damage to property and harm to life.

“For the sake of stealing two feet of copper piping, the person responsible has put local residents at risk by leaving gas leaking from a main pipe.

“We need to trace whoever has done this and we’re asking the public to help us with our enquiry.”

It’s believed the incident occurred some time between midnight on Thursday, September 15 and 4pm on Thursday, September 15.


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