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Hibs superfan gets revenge on Jambo brother

Stewart dictated that Hearts fan Ian should buy the Easter Road team's strip

A Hibs-mad football fan had the ultimate revenge on his Hearts supporting brother, by forcing him to buy the new Hibees strip.

Stewart Boorman was determined to buried wearing the green top, and decreed from beyond the grave that brother Ian should be the one to make the purchase.

Ian, 50, an oil rig electrician, said: “I’ve no doubts at all why he made me do this. They’ll never let me in Tynecastle again.”

After the superfan passed away on Saturday, his family discovered he had planned his funeral as carefully as if he was taking a trip to Easter Road.

The 58-year-old, who is described as “knowing half of Leith”, had even written his own death notice for the local newspaper.


His daughter Melanie, 32, said: “He tried to take it all off our hands. He wrote the piece for the paper two years ago and planned how he wanted the funeral to go.

“He’s even chosen the hymns to be sang and told everyone to wear football strips, of whatever team.”

Despite his meticulous planning Stewart was unable to fulfil his final wish, to see Hibs would win the Scottish Cup, before succumbing to a two year battle with cancer.

Despite his diagnosis he refused to let it interfere with his life or his love of football.

His partner Annie Cummings, 52, said: “He was told straight away that the cancer was inoperable but he went on two courses of chemo and was on his second course of radiotherapy when he died.

“He kept working until a few weeks ago and he said to his friends ‘don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t’. Stewart was very positive and just enjoyed the time he had.

“The first thing he said when he was diagnosed was ‘I hope I get to see Hibs win the Scottish Cup’.

“He was quite realistic about it but his last words in hospital were ‘I never got to see Hibs win the Scottish Cup’.
“That was how much the club meant to him.”

She added: “He really enjoyed everything about life and had no regrets. We’ll miss him greatly.”



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