Monday, August 15, 2022
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Zoo asks for volunteers to bare their soles

Volunteers will have to walk 20ft on hot coals

EDINBURGH Zoo is to host a charity fire walking event to raise money for specialist veterinary equipment.

The zoo is looking for volunteers to bare their soles and take up the challenge alongside their staff.

Participants will have to walk across 20ft of fiery coals.

The money raised by the event on October 14 will go towards buying a number of items, including a small animal ventilator, ECG machine and a flexible gastroscope.

The zoo was inspired to put on the stunt after hearing an ancient legend which tells that brave rhinos walked on fire to stamp out flames to protect their habitat.


Donna Brown, Veterinary Nurse for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, “I’m very excited about taking part in the challenge, it’s nerve wracking, but I know it’s going to be totally exhilarating – especially as I’m doing it for such a good cause.

“We’re hoping to raise enough to buy a small animal ventilator for use during surgery, a pulse oximeter and ECG machine for monitoring anaesthesia and identifying heart problems, and a flexible gastroscope which would be used to examine stomach and small intestines during surgery.”

Anyone interested should get in touch with Louise Dickson on 0131 314 0334 or [email protected] for further details and to sign up.


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