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Midwife delivers own granddaughter

By Niamh Anderson

A MIDWIFE delivered her own granddaughter after her daughter went into labour at home.

Jenna Trowell gave birth to her daughter Ava at home with the help of her mother

New mother Jenna Trowell was also helped out when crisis struck by her next-door neighbour – a paediatric nurse.

Julia Trowell switch roles from mother to midwife last Thursday when it became clear there was no chance of getting Jenna to hospital in time.

“I went into labour at about 5pm,” Jenna said.

“As the contractions got worse I decided it was time to go into hospital. We were there for about six hours but nothing was happening, so they sent me home to rest.

“As soon as we got through the door the contractions got worse, and we knew we wouldn’t have time to go back.”

Julia was forced to chose between a dash to Forth Park Hospital, Kirkcaldy, and delivering her granddaughter at home.

After calling an ambulance, the grandmother decided she had no choice but to deliver the baby herself, with the help of nurse and neighbour Kirstie Miller.

Baby Ava Mary Helen Kinnell was delivered by her grandmother just minutes after paramedics arrived, and handed to a very shell-shocked Jenna and new dad Steven.

“As soon as we came home, I knew she was going to deliver,” Julia said.

“It was scary because you are trying to be a mum and a midwife all at once. Your heart’s saying one thing and your head’s saying another, so you are trying to do both sides of it.

“We were totally shell-shocked. Jenna was so brave throughout it all, and now she has a beautiful baby girl.

“The experience was made a lot easier by neighbours and friends who had the house cleaned and full of food by the time we came back from the hospital.” 

“At the time I was grateful that my mum was there,” beautician Jenna, 22, added.

“If it was just me and my partner Steven we wouldn’t have had a clue what to do. It all happened very fast and less than 50 minutes after we came home Ava was born- it was very surreal.”

She added: “We’re now planning a very relaxed and calm christening, with no dramas.”

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