Passers-by going bananas for gorilla busker


A DRUMMING gorilla similar to the one in the famous Cadbury adverts has been turning heads in the streets of Edinburgh.

The gorilla has been seen playing his drums in areas across the city

The primate percussionist declined to reveal his true identity, preferring to preserve an air of mystery.

But he has been popping up at busy spots all over the capital from The Mound to Middle Meadow walk.

And the masked man said that he does perform a version of the Phil Collins drum break from the Dairy Milk advert after enough requests but he usually favours funk, jazz and Latin tunes.

The only clue to his identity is a pair of sensible brown shoes and a dark blue dress shirt which can be seen poking through the sleeve of the gorilla suit.

He said that he just thought it would be a good idea to combine his gorilla Halloween outfit with his passion for drumming.

He added: “Because I had a talent, I thought combining the two would be a good thing. I do it to entertain people and for practice.”

The drummer said that playing outside the General Register Office, across from the Balmoral, was his most lucrative patch, though not every payment was in cash.

He added: “I quite often get bananas.”

The only clue to the identity of the drumming gorilla are his brown shoes and blue shirt

When not drumming in disguise he plays with bands around Edinburgh.

But out on the streets he said it’s the reactions of the passers-by that make the experience worthwhile.

He said: “It’s a good one for children. They sometimes run away or they sometimes come up with their mum and dad and have a go on the drums.

“The little ones don’t do as much damage, but the older ones like to play and sometimes push it over.

“Another funny one is pets. There was a St Bernard that came up and wanted to play straight away.”

But not everyone is impressed.

One passer-by, who did not want to be named, approached the drummer to ask: “Can I ask you a favour? If you see me going past with my daughter, could you take your mask off because she’s terrified of people who have their faces covered?”

He explained that the five-year-old had been shaken by her first sight of the gorilla a few days before.

He said: “I was cycling with her and I had to speed up because she was terrified. But she’s just one of a small percentage of children who for some reason has got it into her head that it’s scary.”