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Dope fiend jailed after reporting theft of own cannabis plant

A DOZY dope fiend who reported the theft of his cannabis plants to the police was today jailed for ten months after he freely admitted to a court that he intended to continue smoking

David Williamson admitted he would continue smoking the drug

 the drug.

Sheriff Isabella McColl said she had no other option but to send candid David Williamson to prison after he claimed he would go on using the class-B drug once his case was dealt with.

Police were called to Williamson’s home to investigate reports that he had been assaulted and robbed.

But he ended up in court for volunteering that the stolen property was two of his prized cannabis plants.

However Edinburgh Sheriff Court today (Tue) heard claims Williamson confessed all to the police after his home had been raided by a gang of four men armed with guns.

But Williamson turned himself from a victim into a suspected criminal after he was robbed, and officers got a warrant to search the 34-year-old’s Edinburgh home and discovered a further 20 plants.

A rueful Williamson was immediately arrested, cuffed and marched off to a police cell.

When the case first called, it caused barely disguised mirth among lawyers and officials when Williamson admitted producing a controlled drug at his Sighthill home in May this year.

However, today Williamson’s defence agent Robbie Burnett said Williamson was honest with the police because “four men had rushed in and held him at gun point.”

But despite facing the prospect of prison his client was still vowing to continue to smoke cannabis, said the lawyer. “His position is that cannabis has assisted in his mental health and his physical health. It is his intention to go on using it. I regret that’s the position,” added Mr Burnett. 

Fiscal depute Dev Kapadia had told the court at an earlier hearing that the circumstances leading to Williamson’s arrest were “rather bizarre”.

He added: “The police had received an anonymous call reporting a disturbance. And when they arrived at the scene Williamson talked to the police. He said he had been the subject of an assault and robbery and some cannabis plants had been stolen from him.

“Police officers then took the view that there may be some production ongoing and obtained a warrant.”

Mr Kapadia said 20 plants, some seedlings and cultivating equipment were recovered from Williamson’s Edinburgh home.

“Williamson subsequently admitted ownership of the cultivation, and told police that he grew his own cannabis to feed his habit,” the fiscal added.

The drugs were potentially worth £3,000.  Seedlings found at his home were worth an estimated £900, he added.

During the same hearing Mr Burnett said Williamson used the drug to treat his Hepatitis C.

He planned to move to Holland so he could “treat himself” without breaking the law, he said.

Sheriff McColl said custody was appropriate given the value of the cannabis recovered and Williamson’s record.

The sheriff was going to sentence him to 15 months in prison. But she gave the honest criminal a five month discount for his early plea in court.

Williamson’s unashamed love of the plant is also apparent online. His Facebook page states:

“I love the Maryjane plant & support all its needs in this world.”

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