Python Jones rules out Islamic Life of Brian

The drama re-enacts the 1979 debate over the Life of Brian

MONTY Python comedian Terry Jones has ruled out a Muslim version of the group’s most controversial film.

The American Life of Brian star also admitted he would never have believed the 1979 satire on first century life would have caused such uproar.

The 69-year-old said the comedic group were only able to make the film because religion “seemed to be on the back burner”.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Jones said: “I never thought it would be as controversial as it turned out, although I remember saying when we were writing it that some religious nutcase may take pot shots at us, and everyone else replied ‘no’.

“I took the view that it wasn’t blasphemous.

“At the time religion seemed to be on the back burner and it felt like kicking a dead donkey.”


However he said that religious sentiment had returned to Britain.

He added: “It’s come back with a vengeance and we’d think twice about making it now.”

Asked if he’d make a satire based around Islam, he replied: “Probably not – looking at Salman Rushdie. I suppose people would be frightened.”

He said that The Life of Brian was still able to provoke anger and he was amazed that the film was still talked about.

He said: “We’re still discussing it and I don’t know why.”

Jones discussed the hit-comedy in the run up to the showing of Holy Flying Circus, a BBC4 drama about the making of the film and a subsequent BBC2 debate between Pythons John Cleese and Michael Palin and Catholic broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge and the then Bishop of Southwark Mervyn Stockwood.

Holy Flying Circus will air on Wednesday, October 19 at 9pm.