Kismot Restaurant Talk About ‘Kismot Killer’


THE KISMOT KILLER is the famous curry from the Kismot Restaurant at the Pleasance, Edinburgh that put Curie Kim in hospital after trying to finish it in a competition. The King or Queen of Curry 2011 competition put 11 brave people to the test to see if they could finish the extremely hot ‘Kismot Killer’.

Abdul Ali, owner of the Kismot Restaurant, spoke about how the publicity has been great for business with worldwide interest coming in from different parts of the world ranging from India, to New Zealand to Canada. People are already signing themselves up for next years competition.

Curie Kim attempted the curry and eventually came second in the competition managing 7 mouthfuls. Little did she know that later that night she would be in hospital screaming in pain. To add insult to injury she claims the doctors did not treat this as a serious matter as they believed this was a hoax with Curie’s name being pronounced as ‘curry’ and she had eaten a really hot curry.