Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsScottish NewsAlmost half of Scots intend to vote SNP at Westminster elections

Almost half of Scots intend to vote SNP at Westminster elections

Alex Salmond's party is leading the way in Westminster voting intentions

The SNP have welcomed the Populus poll for the Times which put the party 17 points ahead of Labour in Westminster voting intentions.

A YouGov poll for the Sun released today also put the SNP in the lead on 39%, seven points clear of Labour on 32%.

Commenting on the poll findings, SNP Campaign Manager Angus Robertson MP said: “This is a small but significant poll adding to the growing trend showing the SNP ahead at Westminster and in Holyrood.

“Voters across Scotland know that it is the SNP that has a clear vision for Scotland and is providing the only alternative to the UK government’s programme of cuts.

“With the Local Authority elections just a little over six months away this trend must be extremely concerning for Labour in Scotland and for Ed Milliband.

“It is clear that they are out of ideas and out of favour with voters in Scotland.
“The SNP are the right party at the right time to take Scotland forward and to deliver an alternative to a lacklustre Labour party and a damaging Tory/LibDem coalition.”


The findings show:

SNP 48%
Lab 31%
Con 17%
LD 2%


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