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Inside Stewart Taylor death flat: murderer Frank Moore jailed for 22 years

NEW pictures from inside the flat where a man murdered his ex-girlfriend’s new lover have been revealed.

Moore left Taylor and Methven in the burning flat

Frank Moore was sentenced to 22 years in prison today (Tues) for the killing of Stewart Taylor, 33, and the attempted murder of Lynsey Methven, 30.

Moore had stalked Methven for a number of weeks following the break-up of their relationship.

He attacked Methven and Taylor at her home in the upmarket Grange area of Edinburgh on February 7, leaving them unconscious.

He then left them to die in a fire he started in the flat, locking the door behind him and taking Mr Taylor’s mobile phone.

Firefighters pulled the pair from the blaze but Mr Taylor died at the scene.

Doctors said he had suffered head injuries which could have killed him. Ms Methven survived the fire but was left blind in one eye and deaf in one ear.

Following the blaze he burned the boots he had been wearing, claiming they had a cut which was letting in water.

Moore was caught after Taylor’s mobile phone was found hidden on top of a fuse box at the building site where he worked.

Traces of Lynsey Methven’s blood were also found on the driver’s seat of Moore’s van.

Frank Moore stole his victim's mobile phone and locked them in the burning flat
Moore tried to dispose of his boots by burning them
Traces of blood from one of the victims was found in his van
Frank Moore beat Stewart Taylor unconscious before setting the flat on fire

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