Police hunt man who beat puppy

The man beat the dog after it went to play with other pets at Inchyra Park in Grangemouth

POLICE are hunting a thug who thrashed his dog in front of other dog walkers.

The man was spotted walking the young golden Labrador in Inchyra Park, Grangemouth at around 10.45am on Saturday.

As they were walking towards the football pitch area, he let the Labrador off its lead and it ran over to the women to play with the other dogs.

When he called it back and it failed to return, he walked over to the area where the dogs were playing, grabbed the Labrador by the scruff of the neck and pinned it to the ground by kneeling on its shoulder.

He then began to punch the dog on the face and muzzle, before kicking it in the stomach. When the women shouted at him to stop, he picked the dog up and walked off in the direction of Westerton Road.

Officers believe the man may be local as he has been seen by witnesses in the park on several occasions.

He is described as being in his late 40s or early 50s, about 5’8″ tall with a stocky build and short, dark hair which is greying and receding at the crown.

He was wearing a black jacket with a grey collar and thin, grey horizontal stripe, and black trousers.

Anyone who can assist with information is asked to contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where anonymity can be maintained.