Scottish beaver named in nation-wide competition

Barney was one of the first beavers born in Scotland for over 400 years

THE Scottish Beaver Trial, in Knapdale, Argyll, has announced the winning name of a beaver born last spring after a competition for school children across Scotland.

The board of Biffaward, a major funder for the Trial chose the name Barney, suggested by Sarah Bell, aged 6 from Airdrie.

Barney was one of the first beavers born as part of the Scottish Beaver Trial, making him one of the first beaver kits born inScotlandfor over 400 years.

Sarah has won a beaver safari at the Trial site in Argyll, where hopefully she will spot Barney and the other beavers, along with evidence of beaver behaviour like dams and felled trees.

The competition was launched by Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson in August.


Gillian French, Biffaward Programme Manager said: “As well as being of significant importance to our natural environment, projects like this also bring great benefit to the communities around them. In terms of the Scottish Beaver Trial, it has had an impact on communities across the country, developing people’s understanding and awareness of these wonderful creatures.”

Simon Jones, Scottish Beaver Trial Project Manager said: “The name a beaver competition has been a great way to get kids excited about the Scottish Beaver Trial.

“I hope many of the young people who entered will come down to Knapdale to try and spot the beavers for themselves.

“The beavers are settling in well to their home in the heart of Argyll. So far three beavers including Barney have been born in Knapdale and are thriving.”