Baker makes satanic sponge to celebrate Hallowe’en


By Niamh Anderson

Gillian's new cake was inspired by her love of horror films

DEMON cake maker Gillian Bell has unveiled her latest, stomach-churning creation – Pumpkinstein.

Inspired by Frankenstein and Silence of the Lambs, the satanic sponge was crafted from fondant icing, food dye and piping jelly.

Gillian hit the headlines earlier this year when her amazing range of Hannibal Lecter-inspired cakes was unveiled. They including a wedding cake that appeared to be made from human skin.

The 33-year-old from Fife said: “This is a Frankenstein-style pumpkin inspired by a scene from Silence of the Lambs. It reminds of the scene where Hannibal saws open Kendler’s head and eats part of his brain while he’s still alive.”

She added: “I always loved Halloween. My sister used to work in a video shop and she used to rent us over 18 movies when we were too young to get them.

“I loved Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre- the scarier the better,” she added.