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Family frustrated by Spanish probe into Scotsman’s death

Chris Lindsay died while on holiday in the Costa del Sol (picture by Olaf Tausch)

THE FAMILY of a man who died abroad on holiday have said they have become frustrated with the Spanish police’s probe into his death.

Chris Lindsay, from Edinburgh was found with severe injuries after he vanished while on holiday in the Costa del Sol.

His family have now been informed the 34-year-old told hospital staff he was the victim of an attack before he died.

But three weeks after his death his family still do not know if there is going to be a criminal investigation.

Mr Lindsay had been drinking with colleagues when he became separated from the crowd.

His girlfriend Vikki Solomon, with whom he has a four-year-old son, Jude, received a call from a Spanish hospital on October 4 to tell her he was in a critical condition.

He died three days later with the official cause of death recorded as liver failure.

His father Harry Lindsay, 63, said the probe into his son’s death was proving slow. “We have tried speaking to the Spanish police but they will not give us any information – everything is very slow and unhelpful.

“Our frustration will just have to wait for now. We need to put things aside until after the funeral and then we will have to get our heads around everything.”

He said the family now have some comfort. After weeks of trying to find out they were finally told how Chris arrived at the hospital after receiving an email from the British Consulate in Malaga on Thursday.

“He was found before 6am on the Sunday morning unconscious by the police,” said Mr Lindsay.

“Chris arrived at hospital 40 minutes later,” he added.

“All we know about what happened to him is hearsay. We had been told Chris was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital and that when he did come round he spoke to a member of staff and said he was attacked.

“Chris got to the hospital as an unknown person as he did not have any identification with him. He must have had his passport with him because it has never been found.

“He was in the hospital for two days before we knew anything about what happened.”

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We can confirm the death of a British national inSpainon October 7. We are continuing to provide consular assistance to the family.”


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