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Two year ban for dog neglect

The Staffordshire Terrier cross was less than half his ideal weight

A WOMAN whose dog was so hungry it died when it finally ate has been banned from owning animals for two years and fined £250.

Kirsty Ann McEvoy, of Murrayburn Gardens, Edinburgh, was convicted of causing her male Staffordshire bull terrier cross unnecessary suffering at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday (27 October) by failing to provide an adequate diet.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was alerted to the dog’s horrific condition when McEvoy took his body to the PDSA for cremation. The Staffordshire bull terrier cross rottweiler, named Buster, was extremely emaciated and weighed just 14.4kg, less than half his ideal weight of 34.6kg.

A post-mortem revealed he had died from a condition called refeeding syndrome, a metabolic disturbance which occurs when food is reintroduced to the body after being starved.

Inspector June Chalcroft said, “This was an absolutely appalling case in which a defenceless dog was left to starve to death by his owner.

“It’s unclear how Buster found food but what we do know is he ate after being starved and this resulted in his death.

“We welcome the ban as this woman clearly should not be allowed to keep dogs.

“Whilst we would have preferred a life ban, the Scottish SPCA respects the decision of the court.”

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