Fire service swamped with calls after Arthur’s Seat blaze

An area 100m by 300m was on fire. Pic: David Monniaux.

The fire service was swamped with calls reporting a fire on Arthur’s Seat, after the famous Edinburgh landmark went up in flames last night.

The hill is a popular place for revellers to watch the fireworks across the city on bonfire night.

The fire service said an area of the hill approximately 100m by 300m was on fire.

They received 65 calls about the blaze, which could be seen over large areas of the city.

They said fire crew were unable to reach the blaze due to the hill’s terrain, but they dampened an area 20 meters away from the main fire to prevent it spreading.

A fire service spokeswoman said: “The fiere service control room received 65 calls, the first of which was at 10.25 pm.

“We carried out a risk assesment in conjunction with Holyrood Park rangers.”

They said the fire was extinguished just after midnight, after it burned itself out.

Watch a video an eyewitness took of the fire here.