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BusinessMichelle Mone: "I iron my banknotes"

Michelle Mone: “I iron my banknotes”

Mone says she cannot rest unless all her notes are flat

BRA queen Michelle Mone has revealed how she irons her crumpled banknotes.

The lingerie tycoon spoke of her need for wrinkle-free cash in a documentary about her life by Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones.

Michelle, 40, who is worth an estimated £45million, said she might have obsessive compulsive disorder and can’t stand tatty notes.

She said: “I hate crumpled notes and if I am in a shop I will ask for a crisper one.

“If I get a scabby fiver or tenner in change from a taxi driver, I find the nearest bank and get them to give me a new one.

“If I get a whole wad of wrinkled notes, I cannot rest until I have ironed them all flat.

“I definitely suffer from OCD.

“All my cushions have to be exactly the same size. My books are shelved in the order of size and I arrange my lingerie according to colour.”

Mum-of-three Michelle, who set up a global firm MJM International in 1996, says filming the BBC documentary was very emotional.

She said: “It took Peter months to convince me to do it. I did my last documentary 12 years ago and hated it but I’m glad I gave in.

“He made me reveal things in my past I have been blocking out for years, like my brother dying of spina bifida at nine and my dad waking up paralysed from a spinal tumour when I was just 15.

“I’m not one for wearing my heart on my sleeve but there were occasions I was close to shedding a tear.”

Peter, who also follows Innocent smoothies tycoon Richard Reed in the hour-long documentary, said: “As an entrepreneur myself, making this show was an intriguing journey, getting into the minds of two fascinating businesspeople to see what makes them tick.”

‘Peter Jones: How We Made Our Millions’ is on BBC 2 on Wednesday at 9pm.

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