HIV pool sex couple to go on trial

Lucazs Rutkowski and Tanya Kalonga are accused of attacking police after refusing to stop having sex in the pool

AN HIV-infected couple are to go on trial for attacking police officers after refusing to stop having sex in a city swimming pool.

Lucazs Rutkowski and Tanya Kalonga allegedly spat at and bit officers after police ordered them out of the pool at the Ainslie Park Leisure Centre in Edinburgh’s Pilton area.

The couple face claims they “engaged” in “sexual activity” and “appeared” to “have sexual intercourse within a public swimming pool” on August 9.

Rutkowski’s defence agent Jim Clarke said his client pleaded not guilty and that he was ready to lead an expert witness, a doctor, during a trial later this month.

Defence agent Melissa Rutherford said Kalonga also denied the charges.

Fiscal depute Michelle Young asked for another hearing of the case before the trial, which is set down for November 21, so that prosecutors could make more enquiries. “The Crown will look to speak to their own expert,” she said.


Sheriff Nigel Morrison QC, agreed that another hearing of the case should take place on November 15.

Rutkowski and Kalonga are alleged to have repeatedly refused to leave the pool when asked to do so by police officers and struggled violently with them.

Rutkowski is charged with spitting at and biting constable Craig Reid of Lothian and Borders police to his injury, while knowing he was HIV positive.

The 23-year-old is also said to have attacked another constable Derek Neish.

Rutkowski is also charged with striking his head against, and spitting all over, the cage of a police van.

He is also alleged to have called constable Andrew Kendall a “Scottish p***k” and a “racist p***k”.

Kalonga is accused of attempting to rescue Rutkowski by trying to pull constable Reid away from him.

She is also said to have injured officer Reid by scratching his arms and spitting at him, while knowing she was HIV positive, court papers claim.

The 21-year-old is also accused of spitting at another officer Christine Gray and a man called John Kenny with the knowledge she had the disease.

Both Rutkowski and Kalonga are also accused of threatening to shoot Mr Kenny and his family during the alleged incident.