Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Gushing in Theatreland – but it’s nothing to do with the luvvies

The stream of water rose higher than the nearby buildings

EDINBURGH’S theatre district is used to gushing but no-one was prepared for a stream of water soaring 60ft in to the air.

The geyser spouted into the sky after workers at a nearby theatre tried to channel water from a stand pipe to the building.

Cars, pedestrians and tenements in Leven Street were soaked by the cascading water.

A spokesman for the construction form, H&J Martin, who are refurbishing the King’s Theatre, said the standpipe “blew its top” at around 3pm.

He added that the situation was resolved in 15 minutes.

Mike Baillie, who owns a nearby deli, said: “I had a customer come in from America to say he reckoned Old Faithful had erupted outside the shop.

“So I had a look outside and saw the water gushing high into the air – it was really quite spectacular.”

Another shopkeeper, Sean Wood, added: “There appeared to be some bemused workmen scratching their heads.

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