Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsScottish NewsScotsman to walk 12,500 miles to New Zealand

Scotsman to walk 12,500 miles to New Zealand

James has already begun selling his possessions to raise money for the trip

A SCOTSMAN is to spend two years walking from the Scottish capital to its Antipodean namesake.

James Thomas will set off from Edinburgh, making his way 12,500 miles to Dunedin, which takes its name from Edinburgh’s gaelic name, Dùn Èideann, on New Zealand’s South Island.

He hopes the once-in-a-lifetime trip will help him raise £1 million for Unicef.

James is currently selling his belongings to fund the trip, before setting off on New Year’s Day.

He will document his trip through blogging, photographing and filming his journey.

James said: “I started planning it years ago but made the major decision to do it when I graduated this year.

“I think provided I do what I’ve set myself, around 100 miles a week, it will take me two years – but that doesn’t take into account if I break a leg or sprain an ankle on the way.”

James’ route will take him through 15 countries, including Iran and Pakistan.

He will also walk through Indonesian rainforest and across the unforgiving Australian desert.

Throughout his journey he will couch surf or camp to save money.

He added: “I walk everywhere – I don’t have a car, I was walking around a lot and thinking ‘I’m just going round in circles all the time, so what if I walked the ten to 15 miles I walk in a day, but in a straight line, where would I end up?’ and that’s how I came up with it.”

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