Armistice birthday as pair turn 11 on 11.11.11

Both children were excited by their unusual birthday

DANIEL Hinton and Bryony Turner prepare for a very special birthday today (Fri) – as they will both turn 11 on 11/11/11.

And even more bizarrely, the Edinburgh pair, who live only three miles apart, will both go to the same High School, James Gillespie’s, next August.

Bryony, from Canongate, said: “I’m exited about that date because it’s not going to come again for another hundred years.

“I think it’s good because not many people have this date as their 11th birthday, I only know of one and that’s Daniel.”

Her mother, Nicola Ford, added that Bryony almost missed having the unusual date as her birthday.

She said: “She was due on November 2 but I had her just over a week late. It wasn’t until this year we realised the date. I don’t think many kids are going to be 11 on 11/11/11.”

She added that her daughter was going to be pampered.

“I’ve got a pink limo coming for her on Saturday, with kids champagne and then she’s going to have a sleepover.”

Daniel, from Newington, has received a football shirt from his favourite team, Hibs, complete with the number 11, and is expecting a large gift from his whole family.

His mother Joanna said: “He’s getting a mountain bike as a gift from all the family so he’s very excited about that.

“His birthday is very exciting. I remember when he was born thinking ‘he has to be born today’ because it’s a cool birthday. I wanted him to be born at 11 o’clock but he was born at 9pm instead but he still has the 11/11 birthday.”



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