Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsScottish NewsDriver of torched Porsche sent chilling text before firebug struck

Driver of torched Porsche sent chilling text before firebug struck

The car was damaged beyond repair (File picture by Rudolf Stricker)

A FIREBUG who torched a brand new £45,000 Porsche sent the owner a warning text before the attack.

Police were called to Kennoway, Fife, in the early hours after the luxury German car was deliberately set on fire.

The charcoal-coloured motor – which is capable of 160mph – was destroyed in the attack.

The Porsche was parked outside the home of Lorraine Warrender .

She said: “My boyfriend got a text saying “first it’s your car, then your parents’ and then your sister’s”.

“My boyfriend’s had the car for two weeks but on Sunday someone threw a brick at the window. Then on Monday, we woke up to find white paint all over the side of the car.”


Lorraine said she had no idea why the family was being targeted.

She said about the attack: “I got up late last night to get a drink for my wee one.

“When I got downstairs I noticed a light coming through the front window.

The intense fire left debris across the street

“I saw that the whole car was on fire. It was terrifying. I called the police and they said to get out if the house in case it exploded.”

She said her boyfriend’s own car, a BMW Z4, was being fixed at a garage and the Porsche was a courtesy car.

Murial Sutherland, 63, who lives across the street said: “It’s such a terrible thing to happen. What kind of a coward would torch a car outside someone’s own house.

“It made me very nervous this morning when I saw there had been a fire but it is usually very safe here.”

She added: “Everyone knows everyone and it’s a quiet street so it must have been a personal thing between the attacker and the driver of the car.

“You don’t attack a car three times for no reason,” she added.

Detectives are treating the fire as deliberate.

A Police spokesperson said: “Police and Fife Fire and Rescue were alerted to the vehicle being ablaze.

“The fire was quickly controlled but the brand new Porsche Boxster, which was parked outside a house inHalfieldGardens, Kennoway, will be a write off.”



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