Bogus workman cons 93-year-old out of cash

The man offered to do repairs to the woman's home

AN elderly woman was conned out of hundreds of pounds by a bogus workman.

The 93-year-old answered to door at around 12pm on Thursday to a man who offered to carry out repairs at her home.

Though the woman was reluctant at first, he eventually persuaded her to have the work done.

He then persuaded her to hand him her bank card and PIN number and he left in a modern looking red car.

A short time later, another man called at her door and advised her that the PIN she had provided the other man was incorrect and so she gave him the PIN number again.

Soon after, the woman became suspicious of what had happened and checked with her bank. They confirmed that a three-figure sum had been withdrawn.

Police say the first man was aged between 40 and 50-years-old. He was about five feet eight inches tall, of medium build with short dark brown hair.

A police spokesman said: “We urge residents to be on their guard against cold callers and bogus workmen who arrive unannounced at their door and offer services such as building work and repairs gardening work, the removal of rubbish, or general tidying up.

“People looking to persuade residents into engaging their supposed services often adopt high-pressure sales techniques and are well-practiced in their patter. They can be very convincing to whoever answers the door to them and difficult to send on their way.”