SuBo has someone to watch over her

SuBo said her mother would be proud of her success

SUSAN Boyle has admitted her mother watches over her.

The Scots singing sensation suggested her late mum Bridget was watching her success and making sure she behaves herself.

In an interview on New Zealand television, the Britain’s Got Talent star said: There’s some one watching over me, yeah. Somebody, that special person is watching over me but I don’t want to discuss it too much but there is that element.”

Pressed by the interviewer, “Could I ask, though, how proud would your late mum Bridget be?”, she replied: “She’d be very proud but I think she’ll be looking down on me now saying ‘will you behave yourself?’”

Both Susan’s parents came from County Donegal, in Ireland, before emigrating to Scotland.

Bridget, a former shorthand typist, passed away in 2007. A musical woman herself, Bridget encouraged Susan’s talent.

The pair had previously watched Britain’s Got Talent together, with Bridget telling Susan she should enter.


Following her mother’s death, SuBo withdrew for a time before appearing on the show in August 2008.

At the time she said: “For a while after my mother’s death I wasn’t able to sing, I was too upset.”

SuBo, who has shot to international superstardom since appearing on the ITV show three years ago says her new-found fame doesn’t keep her lying awake at night.

She said: “[When I go to bed] I do what everybody else does, I go to sleep. I don’t give it a thought.”

But she joked her lack of worries was down to sedatives, adding: “I sleep soundly, sometimes – it all depends on my medication.”

The West Lothian singer said her fame had come at the right age, and had she been younger she would have struggled.

She said: “A 28-year-old is completely different from a 50-year-old. A 50-year-old, they’ve been round the block a few times, you know. They’ve got the t-shirt, they’re a bit clapped out in some ways, but never mind.

“A 28-year-old probably would have more drive, a bit more energy – I think my get up and go’s got up and went.


“At 28 I think wouldn’t have had the maturity, I wouldn’t have been able to cope as well, or as reasonably well as I have been now because a 28-year-old tends to get carried away with themselves.”

But Susan hasn’t got carried away, choosing to live in the former-council house she once shared with her mother Bridget. “I like to go back to where I came from and stay grounded because that’s the whole idea behind it,” she said.

In the three years since coming runner-up in Simon Cowell’s talent show SuBo has travelled around the world, and even sung for the Pope.

But asked by the interviewer, she was unable to remember her audition number, 43212.

She said: “Like everyone else, I was there for an audition.”

She added: “I believe that dreams have no expiry date and that anyone who tries hard enough can achieve what they want to do. It’s not impossible, it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you keep at it and believe in yourself you can do it.

“Eveyone has a conception of who they’d like to be. I would like to have been a good singer, I would have liked to have been a professional singer. I was born to be someone’s daughter, obviously, that’s the sensible one, but I think I was probably born to entertain people as well.”