Tent top of SuBo’s Christmas list

Susan Boyle is not afraid of roughing it

SUSAN Boyle has revealed she wants Santa to bring her a tent for Christmas.

The Britain’s Got Talent star wants to make it her temporary home during the T in the Park festival next year.

Speaking to a London-based paper, SuBo said: “I’d like a tent to take with me to T in the Park and I’d also like the Downton Abbey box set, because it’s one of my favourite series.

“I’m hoping for a collar for my cat Pebbles, some piano music books so that I can continue to learn on my grand piano and the Steve Jobs biography.”

The Scots singing sensation also said the wanted a flashy telly for her Blackburn home.

She said: “I’d really like a 3D TV with the electronic glasses so I can bring the films into my living room.”