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Duncan Bannatyne calls to ‘bring back hanging’

Duncan Bannatyne has over 457,000 followers on Twitter. Pic: The Rambling Man and

DRAGON’S Den star Duncan Bannatyne has called for the hanging to be reintroduced, after the tycoon learned Moors murderer Ian Brady will face a public hearing.

Brady, who was convicted of killing five children in the 1960s with his accomplice Myra Hindley, is currently in Ashworth high-security mental hospital near Bristol.

The hearing will decide whether he is returned to jail.

Now 73, Glasgow-born Brady wants to be sent to a Scottish prison and be allowed to die.

After posting a link to a news article about the hearing to his 457,000 followers on Twitter, Mr Bannatyne fumed about the decision.

The famously blunt businessman said: “Bring back hanging I say.”

When a follower asked him why, he said: “Isn’t Ian Brady a good enough reason?”

He later asked: “Hands up everyone who would regret if Ian Brady had been hung?”

He went on to argue with a follower called Will, who said: “Yeah because vengeance solves everything doesn’t it? Why just kill them, why not torture them first?”

The Dragon’s Den star responded: “Preventing child rape is not vengeance.”

Will, posting from his account called ‘podgydad’ replied: “The only argument for it is one of cost or vengeance,” prompting the dragon to snap back: “Oh put your hands down and stop talking rubbish.”

Mr Bannatyne, who reportedly has a net worth of around £320 million, is a prolific tweeter.

After receiving threats against his family on the social networking site in August this year, he used his account to offer a £50,000 reward for anyone who would break the arms of the offender.

He later changed the offer to £30,000 for information leading to their arrest.

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